Disinformation is a Cybersecurity threat

Imagine a scenario where we can anticipate crimes and stop them before it happens, ensuring a crime-free city. That’s the power of precaution and prediction. Like Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, and other known, unknown Superheroes, cybersecurity plays a similar role in the cyber realm.

What we need in the cybersecurity space is a Protective Shield. One that helps us anticipate cyberattacks. Talking about recent cyberattacks and major breaches there was one common trait,  missing information – either system error, misconfiguration, insider threat, vulnerability, or lack of visibility. To further validate this, the recent Data Breach Investigation Report of 2020 from Verizon confirms that in the last four to five years nothing has drastically changed regarding tactics and common methods adopted by hackers for data breaches.

The latest example of a cyber attack is Data breaches at SitePoint and Emsisoft where Morse code was used for hiding a phishing attack. SitePoint, a website that sells books and courses for web developers, has confirmed, its user database of over 1 million people was copied and is now available to hackers. There has been evidence on hacking forums that the database was up for sale, and had been given away. Last week, after SitePoint users complained of getting email extortion demands and fake cryptocurrency giveaway emails the company sent a notice to users acknowledging the breach.

The founder and managing director of cybersecurity provider Emsisoft say one of its systems was breached mid-January. The system evaluates and benchmarks possible solutions for storing and managing log data its products and services generate. This evaluation system was supposed to have a database of technical logs. However, there were 14 email addresses of customers in one of the databases. The cause of the breach was an employee who misconfigured an application. As a result of this attack, the company says it is spending more to spot configuration issues.

If we can anticipate infrastructure or business technology change, we can tell the board that these are the areas of investment whether it’s people, processes, or technology that can help us mitigate the risk. Hence, security needs to become a part of this business technology fabric which can help us move faster.

We have heard about Gartner’s Adaptive Security Architecture based on risk and trust. Apart from prevention, we also need to pay attention to other aspects – prediction, detection, and response. We need to anticipate to respond effectively. The epitome of cybersecurity maturity comes with anticipation.

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