Thousands of web assets to secure? No problem.

Reduce your attack risk dramatically. Get precise, automated application security testing that scales like no other.

How Netsparker paves your road to security


Scan every corner of every app

You can't secure a web asset if you don't know it exists. When you have thousands of web assets, your organization is bound to lose track of some of them. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

  • Gain complete visibility into all of your applications, including those that have been misplaced, forgotten, or hidden.
  • Scan any type of web application, web service, and web API — including first and third-party (open source) code — regardless of the technology, framework or language, they’re built with.
  • Scan the corners of your web assets that other tools miss, with advanced crawling and our combined interactive + dynamic (IAST + DAST) scanning approach.

Detect More Coverage Means Less Risk

Other application security testing solutions are based on a single type of scanning, such as dynamic (DAST) or interactive scanning (IAST). Each type can miss high-risk vulnerabilities on its own. Netsparker's distinct DAST + IAST scanning approach finds vulnerabilities that other tools cannot.

  • Detect more vulnerabilities with combined DAST + IAST scanning, created by the same team that invented the world's first IAST.
  • Distinguish between the vulnerabilities that truly put you at risk and those that do not.
  • Using a combination of signature-based and behavior-based scanning, you can get quick and accurate results.


Fix Vulnerabilities With Less Manual Effort Resolve

Reduce your security backlog with automation and workflow features that make security tasks easier to manage and assign. And you'll save your security team hours of manual labour each week.

  • Proof-Based Scanning, which eliminates the need for manual verification, saves time by reducing false positives.
  • Create and assign confirmed vulnerabilities to developers automatically.
  • With detailed documentation that pinpoints the exact locations of your vulnerabilities, you can help developers fix issues quickly.

Integrate Build Security Into Development Seamlessly

When vulnerabilities are discovered after your code has been released, the consequences are far-reaching. Delays in release. Troubleshooting was jumbled. Security and developers are at odds. By integrating security into the tools and workflows that developers use every day, Netsparker helps you squash emerging security issues before they become major disruptions.

  • Give developers immediate feedback that trains them to write more secure code, resulting in fewer vulnerabilities over time.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities early in the SDLC saves time, money, and the headache of post-release security issues.
  • By allowing developers to handle security tasks on their own, you can eliminate bottlenecks and reduce tension between development and security teams.

Continuously Secure Stay Secure 24X365 hours a day

Risks can exist in a rapid deployment environment for some time before being detected by a periodic scan, bug bounty programme, or manual pentest. With security features that never sleep, you can now stay safe at all times.

  • With continuous scanning and security checks throughout your SDLC, you can avoid delays and introduce fewer risks.
  • Receive automatic notifications when a deployed technology becomes obsolete — without having to run a new scan — to keep your apps secure.
  • Even in an Agile or rapid deployment environment, keep your risk to a minimum.


    frequently asked questions

    • Netsparker Enterprise is a multi-user online web application security scanning solution with built-in workflow tools. It is specifically designed to help enterprises scan and manage the security of hundreds and even thousands of websites in a few hours, with no need to install any new hardware or software.

      Netsparker Enterprise is used to integrate into the Software Development Lifecycle, DevOps, and live environments to scan thousands of web applications and web services as they are being developed or run in live environments.

    • Netsparker is an automated, yet fully configurable, web application security scanner that enables you to scan websites, web applications and web services, and identify security flaws. Netsparker can scan all types of web applications, regardless of the platform or the language with which they are built.

    • Netsparker Enterprise is a scalable, multi-user web application security solution and Netsparker Standard is an on-premises desktop web vulnerability scanner

    These are some of the key benefits of automating the post-scan process:
    • You do not have to manually verify detected vulnerabilities the scanners found, saving time that you can use to fix them
    • You do not have to be seasoned security professional to use the Netsparker security scanners, since results are automatically confirmed for you (and there is no need to know how to reproduce the findings)
    • The process of finding vulnerabilities in web applications will cost you less since you can assign it to less technical people.
    • If you are a QA, you won't be sent back by the developers to prove that there is a vulnerability in their code
    • As a developer or service provider, you do not need to convince your superior or customer to fix their issues, simply show them the proof!