ATPL’s purpose is to provide security to your IT Infrastructure and assist in related services. We are equipped to integrate your System with tailored Next-gen Security solutions that can protect and safeguard your Vital Assets:

AmbiSure Technologies Pvt Ltd, is an Indian-based, privately held firm established in 2011. We specialize in Identity based Security Solutions for companies with IT infrastructure for Enterprises, Consumers, Governments, and E-Commerce across the country to

  • We have dedicated & focused ourselves on this single purpose. Recent years have seen dynamic changes in the world of Security, Our knowledge and market research has shown that the need for Identity Based Security is the need of the hour and we invite proactive Indian Organizations to take advantage of these technologies to secure IT.
  • To fulfill those needs AmbiSure Technologies has created infrastructure to achieve global demand & quality standards. AmbiSure Technologies understands that every part of IT infrastructure is important, but it is how you secure that determines how safe you will be. That’s why we offer Security Solutions to protect not just the IT infrastructure itself but also give you easy & flexible ways to manage it. And that too without heavy walls and locks.
  • We assist you in selecting compatible solutions tailored according to your requirement. As well as our technicians have skills and expertise that would assist you in Pre & Post implementation of our services Talk to us today about your requirements and leave your worries behind, we’ll be with you each and every step of the way!
  • We are equipped and capable of providing you with pre-installation, and post-installation services. We can assist you in selecting compatible solutions tailored according to your requirements.

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