SOAR platforms are a collection of security software solutions and data browsing and collection tools from various sources. SOAR solutions then analyse this diverse data using a combination of human and machine learning to comprehend and prioritise incident response actions.

The SIEM tools provide:

Three core capabilities of SOAR technologies

  • Incident response workflow
  • Data enrichment
  • Security controls automation


A SOAR system enables cybersecurity and IT teams to combine efforts as they address the overall network environment in a more unified manner. The tools that SOAR uses can combine internal data and external information about threats. Teams can then use this information to ascertain the issues at the root of each security situation.


Security automation can accomplish a wide range of tasks, including managing user access and query logs. Automation can also be used as a tool for orchestration. As an orchestration solution, SOAR can automate tasks that would normally necessitate multiple security tools.


Both orchestration and automation provide the foundation for the response feature of a SOAR system. With SOAR, an organization can manage, plan, and coordinate how they react to a security threat. The automation feature of SOAR eliminates the risk of human error. This makes responses more accurate and cuts down on the amount of time it takes for security issues to be remedied.


Customizability and Flexibility

To be effective, a SOAR solution should be capable of serving as the sole tool on top of the security stack. Data input from a variety of sources, such as machine-to-machine communication, email, user submissions, and manual entry, should be supported. Any SOAR solution will support many security products out of the box; however, the likelihood of all security products in the organisation being supported by default is low. As a result, it is critical that a SOAR solution include a flexible option that enables customers to easily create bi-directional integrations with security products that are not supported by default.

Process Workflows

One of the primary advantages of a SOAR solution is the ability to automate and orchestrate process workflows in order to achieve force multiplication and reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on analysts. A SOAR solution must be able to support flexible methods for implementing process workflows in order to provide these benefits. These workflows must be flexible enough to support almost any process that needs to be codified within the solution.

Incident Management

Incident response is a complex process. This should include basic case management features such as tracking cases, recording actions taken during the incident, and reporting on critical metrics and KPIs. This should also include other ancillary functions such as detailed task tracking, evidence, and chain of custody management, asset management, and report management.

Threat Intelligence

A proactive security program requires threat intelligence to be properly correlated to discover attack patterns, potential vulnerabilities, and other ongoing risks to the organization.

Effective and efficient incident response requires actionable threat intelligence. While simple threat intelligence feeds still have some value and should be supported by a SOAR solution, threat intelligence must go above and beyond simple feeds to be truly effective in today’s threat landscape.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

Incident response is not one player sport. Response to a security incident will almost certainly involve multiple people, teams, and even organisations. To be effective in a team environment, a SOAR solution must support seamless collaboration and information sharing among team members in a controlled manner.

Collaboration and information sharing must also be possible outside of the organization itself.


Faster incident detection and reaction times

The volume and velocity of security threats and events are increasing all the time. SOAR's improved data context, combined with automation, can bring lower the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). The impact of threats can be reduced by detecting and responding to them more quickly.

Better threat context

SOAR platforms can provide more context, better analysis, and up-to-date threat information by integrating more data from a broader range of tools and systems.

Management has been simplified

SOAR platforms combine the dashboards of various security systems into a single interface. SecOps and other teams benefit from this by centralising information and data handling, simplifying management, and saving time.


Scaling time-consuming manual processes can be taxing on employees and even impossible to keep up with as the volume of security events increases. SOAR's orchestration, automation, and workflows make it easier to meet scalability requirements.

Increasing analyst productivity

Lower-level threat automation augments the responsibilities of SecOps and security operations centre (SOC) teams, allowing them to prioritise tasks more effectively and respond to threats that require human intervention more quickly.

Streamlining operations

SecOps teams can respond to more threats in the same amount of time thanks to standardised procedures and playbooks that automate lower-level tasks. These automated workflows also ensure that the same standardised remediation efforts are applied across all systems across the organisation.

Collaboration and reporting

The reporting and analysis capabilities of SOAR platforms consolidate information quickly, allowing for better data management processes and better response efforts to update existing security policies and programmes for more effective security. The centralised dashboard of a SOAR platform can also improve information sharing across disparate enterprise teams, enhancing communication and collaboration.


  • Finding talent is time-consuming, and once you do find the right fit you want them to be able to focus on the most impactful work—not get bogged down in manual, recurring, time-intensive tasks. With an effective security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution, it’s possible to achieve more, in less time, while still allowing for human decision-making when it’s most critical. 
  • A security orchestration, automation, and response solution should give you more flexibility and collaboration opportunities.
  • SOAR aids in the creation of workflows and the streamlining of operations. One way to succeed with the orchestration layer is to use a solution that includes a library of plugins for the most commonly used technology as well as a set of pre-built workflows for common use cases, allowing you to easily connect your technology stack and automate across your security and IT processes.



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    frequently asked questions

    • As defined by Gartner, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools allow security teams to take inputs from a variety of sources and apply workflows aligned to previously defined processes and procedures. SOAR technologies introduce efficiency to security operations by enhance activities like threat detection and response, and keeping consistency of people and processes. Read the 2020 Gartner Market Guide on SOAR to learn more.
    • IBM Security SOAR is the leading platform for orchestrating and automating incident response processes with unique automation, reporting, and privacy capabilities, and numerous integrations with other security and IT tools. Today, numerous SOCs and Fusion centers rely on IBM Security SOAR to form their incident response hub - the center of their SOC.
    • Companies that can fully optimize a SOAR platform such as IBM Security SOAR need to understand and evaluate internal processes to assess if automation will provide the intended benefits and have the internal skills to customize and leverage the platform on an ongoing basis.
    • There are more than 160 IBM Validated and supported applications, and Community applications that can be integrated with IBM Security SOAR. You can download these applications from the IBM App Exchange, where new applications are being added regularly.