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Cyber Security for Dynamic and Fast-Growing Organizations

Cyber Security Software Tool is required for a company’s or individual’s Security and privacy.

AmbiSure Technologies is dedicated & focused on this single purpose, "Helping Organizations run their businesses securely." Recent years have seen dynamic changes in the world of Security, Our knowledge and market research has shown that the need for Next Generation Cyber Security is the need of the hour and we invite proactive Indian Organization to take advantage of these technologies to secure their Business.

AmbiSure Technologies understands that every part of IT infrastructure is important, but it is how you secure that determines how safe you will be. That’s why we offer Security Solutions to protect not just the IT infrastructure itself but also give you easy & flexible ways to manage it and also empowering business processes.

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Advanced perimeter security refers to the use of technology and physical measures to protect the perimeter of a facility .

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Advance Perimeter Security

Application security refers to the measures taken to protect applications and systems from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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Application Security

Network security refers to the measures taken to protect a network and its associated devices from unauthorized access.

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Layer 65

Network Security

Phishing protection refers to the measures taken to protect individuals and organizations from phishing attacks.

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Phishing Protection

PKI is a system of digital certificates that are used to establish trust and authentication for secure communication over networks.

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Layer 158

Public Key Infrastructure

Securing identity and protecting personal information and ensuring that it is only accessed and used by authorized systems.

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Layer 67

Securing Identity

Website security refers to the measures taken to protect a website and its associated assets from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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Website Security

Monitoring solutions refer to software or systems that are used to track and analyze various aspects of a computer network, infrastructure, or application.

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Monitoring Solutions