Enforces your company security policies and Filters malicious traffic in your network.

Includes and is not limited to full visibility of all web traffic, anti-virus and advanced malware protection, content control, and granular app activity controls, in one easy to use interface.

Why is a Secure Web Gateway Important?

Internet-borne threats are growing in range and we must think about the risk our data and reputation is at to place the proper security measures. A secure web gateway is essential in this process and will prevent your network and data from being compromised and help you to stay compliant.

Data leak prevention features

  1. Inappropriate content that doesn’t align with company policy is blocked
  2. Total protection and control of traffic anywhere & anytime at the tip of your fingers
  3. can be configured to suit your acceptable use policy and compliance requirements.
  4. Forms a very robust line of defense when coupled with Data Leak Prevention software
  5. Scanning and filtering of all information that oscillates from social media
  6. Supports all protocols
  7. Best prevention and remediation from zero day attacks when integrated with anti-malware solutions
  8. Flexible with location of action
  9. Any problems with this will be notified immediately to the security administrator

Understanding HSM’s

Impact banks, cloud providers, governments

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Major HSM vulnerabilities

Why HSM is vital to the Blockchain Technologies


    frequently asked questions

    • Secure Web Gateway is a HTTP Proxy Server specially designed for web security. You should use Seqrite Secure Web Gateway for securely distributing Internet access across a large network and to protect your enterprise against productivity losses, and collateral losses.

    • Yes, you can prevent users from uploading confidential data using Secure Web Gateway. When you have confidential information in the organization and someone from internal users leaks the information intentionally or unintentionally, then what happens? Huge collateral damage to the organization.

    • URL filtering, data leakage prevention, application-level control and detection of malware code are some of the key features of Secure Web Gateway while traditional firewall provides basic protection by blocking and alerting the user on malicious connection attempts.
    • A proxy is an intermediary whose intermediary nature is known to the client; a gateway (also known as reverse proxy) is an intermediary whose intermediary nature is not known to the client.