Myths and Facts About EASM: Setting the Record Straight

Myths and Facts About EASM: Setting the Record Straight

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, myths and misconceptions can often cloud judgment and decision-making. Here, we debunk some of the most common myths and present the facts about EASM’s platform, methodology, security ratings, ransomware capabilities, and data breach insights.


Myth 1:
EASM’s Platform is Only for Large Enterprises .

Fact 1 : While EASM’s platform is robust enough to handle the complex needs of large enterprises, it is equally beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The platform is designed to be scalable, offering detailed cybersecurity insights and risk management solutions that are tailored to organizations of all sizes.
EASM provides valuable, actionable intelligence that helps SMBs enhance their security posture and manage third-party risks effectively.

Myth 2 :
EASM’s Methodology is a Black Box .

Fact 2 : Transparency is at the core of EASM’s methodology. The company employs a proprietary, standards-based approach to cybersecurity ratings, utilizing publicly available data and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and reliable assessments. This methodology is grounded in widely accepted
cybersecurity frameworks and standards, such as NIST, ISO, and FAIR. EASM ensures that clients understand how their ratings are calculated and what steps can be taken to improve them.

Myth 3 : 
Security Ratings are Static and Do Not Reflect Real-Time Threats

Fact 3 : EASM’s security ratings are dynamic and continuously updated to reflect real-time threats and changes in an organization’s cybersecurity posture. The latform provides continuous monitoring and real-time threat intelligence, ensuring that the security ratings are always up-to-date and reflective of the current threat landscape. This allows organizations to respond promptly to emerging threats and make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies.

Myth 4 :
EASM Only Focuses on Ransomware

Fact 4 : While EASM excels in assessing ransomware susceptibility through its Ransomware Susceptibility Index (RSI™), the platform offers comprehensive coverage of various cyber threats and vulnerabilities. EASM’s holistic approach encompasses a wide range of risk factors, including unauthorized network access, software vulnerabilities, and third-party risks. The platform provides a broad spectrum of cybersecurity insights, helping organizations mitigate diverse threats effectively.

Myth 5 :
Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) is Only Relevant After a Data Breach.

Fact 5 : Effective TPRM is proactive, not reactive. EASM’s platform empowers organizations to continuously monitor and manage the cybersecurity posture of their third-party vendors, significantly reducing the likelihood of a data breach. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the supply chain before they can be exploited, EASM helps organizations maintain a strong security posture and protect sensitive data. TPRM is a crucial aspect of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and should be integrated into daily operations to prevent breaches, not just respond to them.

While we highlights the versatility, transparency, and comprehensiveness of EASM platform. Whether you are a large enterprise or an SMB, AmbiSure Technologies offers the tools and insights necessary to enhance your cybersecurity posture, manage third-party risks effectively, and stay ahead of emerging threats. Embrace the facts and empower your organization with the cutting-edge capabilities of Next generation Cybersecurity Solution.

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